Mr Yorm Emilson, an 18 year old with Cerebral Palsy is yearning to have a social life where he can mingle with friends and have access to education

Yorm, as he is popularly called has never had formal education but is able to read and write in English. He uses his feet to hold a pen to write and also uses his feet to type on a computer or an andriod phone

Mr Emilson is active on social media via Whatsapp and Facebook and hopes to improve his skills in ICT by learning how to create an App that will  connect him to society.

In an interview with the media, Mr Emilson whose speech is blurred and speaks through his mother said: “I wish  I could go to school, I wish I coud enhance my ICT skills, I want to build apps that can connect me to society, I want to have a feel of social life”

Madam Vivian Danso, Mother of Yorm, said her son was not born with disability, “He had convulsion when he was five years old, which resulted in his inability to move his limbs and also his speech

Ms Danso said “We have come a long way, he used to be very stiff, he couldn’t bend his legs nor sit, we resorted to all kinds of therapy and now he is abe to sit and move his limbs”

She said it remains a mystery how his son is able to read and write in English, “I did not teach him, I just realized that he could hold a pen or pencil with his legs and write and later we realised that he could used the computer using his legs.

Ms Danso urged to government to think and create sustainable support systems and services that will also promote inclusion.

Advicing parents of children with disabilities, Ms Danso said children with disabilities are also gifts frm God, they are gems that needs to be polished, it requires patience, persistence and hard work

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